Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get my payment ?

You will have to submit your details on the partner portal post which you will receive your payment in your bank account.

How will I know my overall sales ?

You will be able to see these details in real time on the partner portal:

  • Your contacts that have registered on our website.
  • The ones who book the trial class.
  • The ones who make the payment.
Where can I share my link ?

You can share your link anywhere in your networks using your Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin, SMS, Messenger, Email, Instagram, and any other medium that helps increase outreach.

How many hours do I have to work ?

This is completely your choice — the more you share the link within your networks and educate them about the platform, the more sales you get, and the more commission you earn.

How much money can you make ?

Again, you can make as much as you want. We don’t have a cap on how much a partner can earn. The money you will make is directly proportional to your sales.

Do I have to explain the product in detail and make the sale ?

Not needed. If you understand the product well then you can explain the details to your clients. In any case, our sales team will make the call to your clients and pitch the product to them.

What else do I get apart from commission ?

We have a great rewards and recognition scheme for our partners. You have a chance to win exciting prizes like trips, awards, etc. Also, you will get the joy of changing the lives of kids!